Expert Advice And Great Deals On New Or Used Computers, Laptops & MacBooks

Get Expert Advice For Your New Computer

When it comes to desktop computers, notebooks, laptops or netbooks, the choice can be overwhelming. We help you make the right decision so you get the computer you really need.

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At J&B Computers we can also order many brands of desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks, netbooks and servers at various price ranges. Whether for use at your home or your business, our large selection features the latest generation of devices.

Laptops & Macbooks

We sell reconditioned Lenovo Thinkpad laptops, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air tablets. We can always order these laptops if we don’t have the model you’re looking for at a great price. All our laptops come with a one year hardware warranty from us.

Save on reconditioned Dell Optiplex PCs

We always have Dell “business grade” Optiplex PC’s in stock. We recondition them, replace the hard drive with a Solid State Drive that’s 10 x faster. All Dells & Lenovo’s come with Office, Antivirus & Spyware cleaner software. They also have a one year J&B Warranty on hardware.

Do You Need Computer Parts Or Accessories?

Has the fan on your PC stopped working, but the rest is still working fine? Then you don’t need to replace your entire computer! At J&B Computers we have exactly the right replacement part for your computer. We have access to all computer hardware brands and manufacturers and can install the replacement part for you at an affordable price.